About Us

Magnus Opifex is the place where specialists in engineering, design and project management joined together, determined to make the difference between a regular building services consultancy and an excellent one.

We like to call ourselves the definition of exigency.

Our team is build from dedicated experts, so every member uses their knowledge, talent and skills at full capacity in order to bring every task to perfection.

Each of our projects stands in the spotlight, therefore we find it very important to keep a close collaboration with our clients. We advise with them every step of the project, make follow-ups and add an extra amount of care to their budget until we make sure that the final result meets our client’s vision.

As one of our main concerns faces the environment, we stand out from the crowd with a new, fresh and eco-friendly approach, managing to make the best out of a project so that, in the end, both our client as well as the nature can enjoy the greatness of our work.

We understand the importance of sustainability and efficiency and this is why we are able to provide the most efficient building services strategy in order to save as many resources as possible. Although our team has a collective 50 years experience in the industry the majority of us grew up in a world with limited resources, all to be coming to an end. Not only we care about the environment but as engineers it is our job to take into account all the aspects of the solution we offer. Saving space and keeping things as simple as possible has been proven to only bring benefits to our clients. We have managed to bring savings of millions of pounds every year to most of the applications we have designed.

We have put together an international team of people, covering all the building services disciplines, with an extensive experience across the UK, the USA and Middle East. We have managed to deliver projects ranged between 100 m² and 100000 m² for different applications from residential to industrial and commercial.
Our secret lies in the desire of achieving our client’s requirements, in the time and budget provided. Even if we need to sacrifice a bit more of our personal time we are willing to do so in order to provide high quality projects.
With strong ethics and a determination to excel, we believe that we have a lot to offer our clients. And as a young consultancy, with tightly controlled overheads, we believe that our attractive fee schedule offers essential value in our cost-driven industry.

Alina Scarlat – Director, Legal & Administrator

In 2015 Alina became the founder of Magnus Opifex. She is gifted mechanical, public health and fire services engineer who uses her talent to bring a personal, fresh and unique touch when offering her consultant services.


Nicoleta Scarlat – Director, Legal & Administration

Nicoleta accumulated over twenty years of experience in business management. She is also a founder of the business and a natural-born lawyer who now watches over Magnus Opifex’s legal and administrative sectors.