Electrical Design Engineering and Lighting Design

Combining the aesthetics with functionality we manage to create and engineered electrical and lighting system that will highlight the best features of the indoor environment. Our electrical engineering team and our lighting designers will ensure that every project will be provided with a proper, eye-catching electrical installation in accordance with the local building regulations and will make sure that the national network will suffice the application requirements.
The electrical and the lighting design are the most exposed services in the building, hence why we pay extra attention to the coordination with the architects and the interior designers. Only the combined efforts of the design team will ensure the satisfaction of the client and the end users.
We believe that the lighting design plays a very important role in the indoor and outdoor comfort as well as in the aesthetics. From commercial to residential applications, it is very important how the lighting design is done; a good design will only add value and highlight the key features, whilst a not so suitable lighting design will only bring detriment to the project.