Fire Engineering

A big part of Life and Safety in buildings is represented by the Fire Engineering. From fire prevention and detection to fire suppression systems, our fire engineering team will design and engineer the best suitable solution for each application. Using modelling software, the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) models will help to the understanding of the risks and of the required fire safety systems the building needs.
From water suppression systems (automatic sprinklers, drenchers, water curtains, high-pressure / low-pressure water mist, etc.) to gas suppression systems we are dedicated to offering the best suitable solution to each client. Our fire engineers will make sure that the risks are mitigated and all the occupants and all the assets are protected from fire.
Fire Safety Engineering
Feasibility Studies for master planning and concept design stages
Fire Safety Strategy
Fire Strategy Drawings
Advance Fire Safety Design
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Fire Safety Management
Fire Risk Assessments
Fire Strategy Management – Internal Management for Companies