Mechanical Engineering

Part of the integrated Building Services, the Mechanical Systems in the building offer and contribute to the internal environment and play a very important part in the occupant’s comfort.

We as humans spend more than 80% of our time indoors which makes our comfort in a building to be at the top of the list. Not only that our physical comfort influences our wellbeing but also it will influence our performance. It has been demonstrated that the quantity and quality of indoor fresh air, the temperature and the light, alongside with noise and other indoor factors have a great impact on the occupant’s performance and efficiency.

Our team of mechanical engineers are responsible to engineer and design the most suitable solution for each project. They will adapt and produce a scheme for the ventilation, heating and cooling systems in the building. Either it is a residential application or an iconic building hosting hundreds of company’s offices we will carefully select and design a sensible solution to ensure the client satisfaction.

From cogeneration systems to cooling towers, we always keep up with the new technologies and tendencies on the construction market. We are dedicated to improve the comfort in buildings and we are dedicated to building performance. Reducing the carbon foot print and the pollutants has to be on our priority list in order to live in a better world, a world that we would like to live.